How to Report Fieldwork:

Methods of Collecting and Utilizing Information for Effective Oral Presentations


KUDO Kanako, OTSU Tomomi


Key Words: fieldwork, how to collect information, how to utilize information,

                     local communities, oral presentations


This paper explores a case study of two Japanese language learners who made effectual oral presentations of their fieldwork. The learners carried out a task which required them to select one place of interest near their residence, and inquire about its history, its significance to the local residents, and so on, and to report the results. Their presentations were consistent and rich in content. How could they collect abundant information and utilize it effectively for the presentation component? The purpose of this study is to find out how the learners gathered fruitful information and then utilized it constructively in their oral presentations, by exploring the discourse of their individual oral presentations and follow-up interviews. The analysis gives the following results:

  (1)          They carried out detailed on-site observations, took notes, and took photographs.

  (2)          They interviewed the local residents on the spot so that they could collect information from diversified standpoints.

  (3)          They sorted through all the information and presented only that which matched their main points.

  (4)          They double-checked their fieldwork results with official information before delivering their oral presentations.