A Study of Street Slogans as a Reflection of Chinese Society:

A Case of Changchun City




Key Words: Street slogan, Changchun City, Socialist core values, Chinese,



This paper introduces the street slogans seen in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China and examines their linguistic and social characteristics.

In recent years, public slogans are seen at every street corner in Chinese cities in the form of placards, banners, signs, posters, electronic bulletin boards and so on. Many of these aim to enlighten the people with propaganda about the policies of the Chinese Communist government. Especially, what is called "Socialist core values" are widely advertised in the use of these street slogans.

In this paper the street slogans seen in Changchun City are analyzed by classifying them into five categories; "allegiance to the Communist Party and service expectations and requests" "food safety and environmental protection" "creativity and development into a new era" "call for improvement of manners" "attention to people."

It is noticed that there are a number of street slogans which make people to pay attention to the environmental protection and improvement of manners, and that slogans once seen in old days, which forced people to think and act in a certain way, have disappeared and instead slogans which encourage people to think and act for the foundation of a socialist nation have become widely existent.