Challenges in Improving Preparatory Education:

Speculations on a Questionnaire for Preparatory Education Graduates




Key Words: Preparatory education for undergraduate students, MEXT scholarship students, Courses in humanities and social sciences


This paper is based on a questionnaire for former TUFS-JLC (Japanese Language Center for Foreign Students) students who entered the institution from 2004 to 2015 to receive one-year preparatory education specifically tailored for MEXT scholarship students from abroad. The questionnaire was originally conducted as part of a collaborative project to refine the articulation between preparatory and undergraduate education in the field of humanities and social sciences. The responses from the former students, however, indicate that a smoother articulation will be achieved by enhancing the students' general proficiency in academic Japanese than by informing them of technical terms and field-specific theories.

This paper extracts such implications from the questionnaire responses and concludes with a few concrete suggestions for improving the preparatory education program of JLC for MEXT scholarship students.