About Prometheus-Academic Collections

Prometheus-Academic Collections is the source of the academic achievements which stores the research and educational achievements of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and preserves historical materials. It shares such academic achievements on the Internet to ensure the open university. Prometheus is operated under the following principles to produce certain effects.

Publicized Materials

Prometheus-Academic Collections shares the following items on the Internet.

User's Notice

Prometheus-Academic Collections publicize the materials only with the permissions of their authors. Please note that some parts of the research and educational achievements of TUFS are restricted from general publication.
All the copyrights reserved by each author, academic society, association, publisher, and other right owners.
The whole or parts of the materials can be used (refered, reproduced, printed) with copyrights acknowledged for the academic and personal use only.

About Institutional Repository

About 2,200 universities and academic institutions in the world operate institutional repositories at the date of May 2012 and over 250 universities and academic institutions have already started operating their repositories in Japan. Contents in these institutional repositories are searchable by Google, Google Sholar, and other search engines, or by article search systems provided by JAIRO (National Institute of Informatics) or OAISter (University of Michigan). It expands the access to the research achievements of our university gloablly, and promote them.

Resistration of the Research Achievements

Prometheus registers and shares academic journal articles, bulletin papers, doctoral theses, conference presentation materials, and other academic achievements submitted by teachers, graduate students and faculty members who holds their copyrights.


About DOI

  Prometheus-Academic Collections has started assigning DOIs based on TUFS Open Acesess Profession.We assign DOI to articles with full text, after 2017 Apr.


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