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About Dilins

Dilins stands for Digital Library Network System for C-DATS.
This network has been constructed by the TUFS Digital Library Project for C-DATS to carry out the following C-DATS missions.
The project has been developed and operated with a collaboration of Information Processing Center teachers (Information Collaboration Center teachers, since April 2006) and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library.
  ・TUFS Digital Library Project for C-DATS
   (Policy and PlanningMembersActivity report) 
  1. Building multilingual catalogue search database of historical materials in various Asian and African languages via internet.
  2. Preservation and sharing of Afro-Asian historical materials through digitalization.
  3. Working as a portal site for Asian and African Studies.
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Dilins has moved to TUFS Library System on March 2007.
  • Multilingual Retrieval has been moved to "Centre for Documentation & Area-Transcultural Studies (C-DATS), " one of the collections in Prometheus-Academic Collections.

    *You can access search page of C-DATS collection by clicking above link.
    When you want to search only C-DATS collection, use "[search] & [Go]" field.
    If you want to search all Prometheus-Academic Collections, please use "[search]& [Simple-search]" field or click [HOME] link.

    Please click "C-DATS, List of books linked full page images" to check books digitized by C-DATS.

  • DL Site Cross Retrieval has been moved to VernaC (TUFS Library VernaC for Researchers and Librarians).

  • C-Dats HUB has been moved to Detail of Dilins.
    Statistics information and reports about Dilins are provided.