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South Asian Resources Digital Archives. (SARDA)

*Navalkishor Press Collections.

*Source Materials on South Asian Religions.

South Asian Resources Digital Archives (SARDA) has been built by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (hereafter, TUFS) Indo-Pakistani Source Materials Digital Archives Project with the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in the Heisei 14 fiscal year (1 April 2002 - 31 March 2003).
SARDA consists of "Navalkishor Press Collections" and " Source Materials on South Asian Religions ".

 "SARDA" is the English translation for Indian "Sarasvati," who is the goddess of learning and art.

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*About the system migration of SARDA
SARDA has been moved to Prometheus-Academic Collections on March 2007.
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[search item in collection] enables you to search within SARDA collections.
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