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Title :Perception of English syllable-initial consonants by Japanese listeners
Authors :Yoko Uchida
Authors alternative :内田, 洋子(1968-)
Publisher :Yoko Uchida
Issue Date :27-Mar-2001
Pages :xiii, 274 p.
Size :30 cm
Title Language Code :English
Text Language Code :English
Language :English
Type Local :博士論文
NDC :831.3
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10108/35590
NC ID :GT00000352
Call Number :博士論文/2000/7
Book ID :0000499439
Appears in Collections:博士論文

Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
dt-ko-0024ja.html和文要旨 (Japanese resume)11KbHTMLView/Open
dt-ko-0024en.html英文要旨 (English resume)7KbHTMLView/Open
dt-ko-0024001.pdf表紙264KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024002.pdfTable of Contents//List of Figures//List of Tables469KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024003.pdfAcknowledgments174KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024004.pdfChapter 1: Introduction560KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024005.pdfChapter 2: Literature Review2472KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024006.pdfChapter 3: Stimuli Preparation and Subjects Information573KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024007.pdfChapter 4: Perceptual Similarity and Identifiability: Investigation through Open-Class Tests3965KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024008.pdfChapter 5: Relationship between Identification and Rating: One-Interval Identification Test and Similarity Rating2341KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024009.pdfChapter 6: Analyses Based on Identification A' and Rating A'755KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024010.pdfChapter 7: Summary and General Discussions1374KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024011.pdfReferences513KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024012.pdfAppendices2959KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024013.pdf和文要旨393KbAdobe PDFView/Open
dt-ko-0024014.pdf英文要旨303KbAdobe PDFView/Open