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Title :Collection of Para-baiks of the Konbaung period 1 = コンバウン時代折畳み写本集成 1
Issue Date :18th-19th century
Title Language Code :English
Text Language Code :Burmese
Type Local :C-DATS文書類
NDC :223.8
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10108/594
NC ID :PT00000167
Appears in Collections:Dilins : C-DATS電子図書館

Files in This Item:

There are no files associated with this item.

 Dynastic tables ; 1
 On the visit of reverend Ashin Sandima ; 1
 Outturn of paddy in 1860, paddy loan in 1867, paddy sale in 1869 about the headman of Se-tuttaya Town
 Extracts from Buddhist scriptures
 On the visit of reverend Ashin Sandima ; 2
 Export of earth oil in 1884
 Earth oil production in 1884
 Renovation of dams and canals in Sa-lin by Sa-lin headman
 Dynastic tables ; 2
 Cost for sawing logs
 Court decision made by Nei-myo Thi-ha Kyaw-htin ; 1
 Court decision made by Nei-myo Thi-ha Kyaw-htin ; 2
 Estimated expenditure on building Asokarama monastery complex in 1849 by a forest official
 Poetical writings of Shin Ohtama-gyaw
 Land mortgage thet-kayit
 Expenditure list
 Balance of paddy rice in 1849
 Dynastic tables ; 3
 Writings on religious matters
 Myanmar spelling method
 Meditation, eulogy on Shin-thi-wa-li, novitiation ceremory, gilding on an octagonal pagoda and on tenancy
 Land survey, spendings from the fund collected
 Preachings of the chief monk prayers
 Offering food to monks, record on sangha lineage interpretation on omen or sign
 Meaning of precepts
 1874 Corronation ceremory
 An abbridged lists submitted to the Royal Archive
 Expenditure on paddy plantation in 1882
 Apportionment of inherited property
 List of expenditure
 List of cultivated lands
 Land endowment to monastery , land mortgaged by headman of Hseik-kyi
 An invitation of a monk
 Extracts from Buddhist scriptures, traditional medicine, mortgaged land redeemed, legal cases
 Sayings and maxims
 Debts settled in 1852
 Balance sheet on income and expenditure
 Biography of The-in Hsaya-daw ( Revered Monk of The-in)
 Medicinal formulas
 Gold loan taken by Sa-lin Headman
 Recitation of paritta
 Dhammasat and precedents
 Land mortgage thet-kayits
 Partition of property
 List of crown farmers in Hsa-lin-gyi
 Vinaya : monastic disciplines
 Myanmar traditional tattooing
 Money loan thet-kayits in 1871 and in 1877
 Wages paid in 1879
 Export of earth oil in 1879
 Feast to fertility god
 Paddy from a granary sold
 Crown sevicemen from Naung Pyit circle
 Production of earth oil in 1882