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TitleOld Tibetan inscriptions / edited by Kazushi Iwao, Nathan Hill, Tsuguhito Takeuchi ; with the collaboration of Izumi Hoshi, Yoshiro Imaeda
Authors岩尾, 一史
AuthorsHill, Nathan
Authors武内, 紹人(1951-)
Authors星, 泉
Authors今枝, 由郎(1947-)
Authors transcriptionイワオ, カズシ
Authors transcriptionタケウチ, ツグヒト
Authors transcriptionホシ, イズミ
Authors transcriptionイマエダ, ヨシロウ
PublisherResearch Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Issue Date2009
Pagesxxxvii, 98 p.
Inserting Figurescol. ill., map
Size26 cm
Parent IDBA80863861
Series nameOld Tibetan documents online monograph series
Title Language Codeeng
Text Language Codetibeng
NoteBibliography: p. xxi-xxxiii
Type (NII)Book
Type (DCMI)text
Type Local単行書
Type local99
Citation jtitleOld Tibetan documents online monograph series
NC IDCC1094289289
Call NumberE3/a0/620406/2
Book ID0000646648
fullTextURLhttp://repository.tufs.ac.jp/bitstream/10108/70261/1/Old Tibetan2_00.pdf.pdf
fullTextURLhttp://repository.tufs.ac.jp/bitstream/10108/70261/2/Old Tibetan2_01.pdf.pdf
fullTextURLhttp://repository.tufs.ac.jp/bitstream/10108/70261/3/Old Tibetan2_02.pdf.pdf
JaLC DOIinfo:doi/10.15026/70261
Appears in Collections地域・文化研究 = Area and Cultural Studies

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