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Title :تاريخ اسلام ديبا محل / تأليف حسن تاج الدين ; تحقيق هيكوايتش ياجيما
Authors :Tāj al-Dīn, Ḥasan, 1661 or 2-1726 or 7
Muḥibb al-Dīn. Muḥammad, 1706 or 7-1784 or 5
Sirāj al-Dīn, Ibrāhīm
家島, 彦一(1939-)
Volume :1. Arabic text
Publisher :Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Pages :2 v.
Inserting Figures :facsims.
Size :30 cm
Parent ID :BA00439143
Series name :Studia Culturae Islamicae
Title Language Code :Arabic
Text Language Code :Arabic, English
Language :Arabic
Type Local :単行書
JaLC DOI :info:doi/10.15026/92528
URI :http://repository.tufs.ac.jp/handle/10108/92528
NC ID :CC0420290078
Call Number :8/A8/I57/16
Book ID :1000020189
Appears in Collections:イスラム文化研究 = Studia Culturae Islamicae

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